Sunday, January 15, 2012

In Which I Agree with ... BILL MAHER

I don't like Maher's humor very much, and we can just agree to disagree on practically every political issue. Maher had one of my favorite actors and directors, Rob Reiner (whose humor I do like, but whose political views are far closer to Maher's than mine), on his show the other day. Reiner made a good point. Paraphrasing: Pissgate is what happens in war. And he's right. Desecration of the bodies of the enemy is as old as war itself. In fact, I seem to remember even worse stories about both sides in the Russian war in Afghanistan. I can't find anything specific on the internet, but there is this general reference to "serious human rights violations" being committed.

And then, to my utter amazement, Maher said:

“If they were people who burn down girls’ schools you know, and do honor rapes, threw acid in people’s faces, I’m not that upset about pissing on them, dead or alive.”

How about that? Something on which Maher and I agree.

Of course, Reiner had to add, "we don't know what they did."

That's right, Rob, they didn't get a trial in the US District Court for the District of Afganistan to legally establish their guilt before being shot.

Note to Reiner: They don't have to be guilty in order to be shot. They just have to be on the other side. And, just like your host, I don't much give a damn what happens to them after we make them dead.

The other quote that I just can't resist is some Taliban guy asking why they bother talking to us when we hate them so much that we piss on their martyrs.

Is that the standard we are using to determine whether talks are worthwhile? Then why are we talking to them? They hate the West so much that their dead are "martyrs" and they kill, disfigure, blind and maim their own children when they adopt Western ways.

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