Saturday, January 7, 2012

Hope Springs Eternal

I don't agree with a lot of Rick Santorum's policies. I hope he does not get the nomination. Most of the views he espouses with which I disagree are related to social issues and the culture wars. I think he is Bush-Lite. I was not that fond of W (until compared to either Gore or the absolutely odious Kerry).

I feel exactly the same way about most of the Republican candidates for the nomination. There are large portions of their positions or backgrounds or personalities that severely disappoint, until compared to Obama.

That said, I have been lucky enough so far not to have had to bury a child. The story about Santorum bringing the dead body of his newborn child home so that the other children in the family could meet the baby and say goodbye struck me as odd, but I simply don't know what I would do in Santorum's shoes.

But when his family tragedy is used as a means to attack Santorum for his views, I think an important line was crossed. And I think maybe, this time, a large majority of people will agree that an important line was crossed.

Maybe, just maybe, this is the Democrats "Have you no shame?" moment.

I sure hope so. But if not, I am really not interested in hearing calls for "civility" in our public discussions.

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