Saturday, September 15, 2012

Campaign Officials with Bylines

When it comes to journalists cheerleading for Obama, there is practically no one who can hold a candle to Chris Matthews. Now the MSNBC talking head tells Willy Brown, former Speaker of the California Assembly and presently the Mayor of San Francisco, that Romney was arrogant even to have a "suspicion" that he could beat Obama in 2012.

Romney was arrogant to have a suspicion that he could beat a President whose main successes (according to his VP) were a fifteen month victory dance over killing bin Laden and screwing taxpayers to bail out his union buddies in the UAW?

Romney was arrogant to have a suspicion he could beat a President who has run up a four year deficit of at least (at least!) $5.3 trillion and predicts deficits for the next 5 years of another $3.4 trillion if things go well. The same President who called his predecessor unpatriotic for accumulating $4 trillion in public debt over eight years and then proceeded to run up debt more than twice as fast ($5 trillion in less than four years)?

The President who, despite his own historic election and overwhelming majorities in each house of Congress, just barely managed to get his signature legislation passed, corrupting the legislative process in the course of doing so?

The President who confidently predicted unemployment of between 5% and 5.5% by now if his stimulus package was passed? (Unemployment is now half again as high as Obama predicted, is higher that his prediction in the event that his stimulus package wasn't passed, and is 8.1% only because so many people have dropped out of the workforce.)

(Click image to embiggen.)

The President whose stimulus bill, which paid for (not so) shovel ready jobs, just happened to primarily benefit his supporters?

The President whose foreign policy began with childish insults to the Brits (returning the Churchill bust and giving the Queen an ipod filled with his own speeches), continued by throwing allies like Poland and the Czech Republic, the Israelis and Egypt under the bus, and now has enabled the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood and radical Islam throughout the "Arab Spring" nations? The President whose administration can't be trusted with unlisted phone numbers, much less national security secrets?

That President?

Yeah, that's arrogance, alright. Textbook. But it ain't Romney's arrogance. Projection seems to be a major problem for people of the left.

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