Saturday, July 12, 2014


Via Drudge: Breitbart is reporting that illegal aliens are being permitted to board US commercial flights without any identification other than the Notice to Appear received when they crashed the border.  Which Notice to Appear can be conveniently prepared on any home computer.

This is an exclusive report, so I can't find any confirmation yet, but if it is accurate, there should be absolute hell to pay.

The TSA practically hires a proctologist to examine US citizens before they board the same plane being used by some guy about whom they have no information whatever except that he broke the law in crossing our border?


Enough with the immigration farce. 

Enough with the TSA/airport security farce. 

Enough with the rules supposedly applicable to everyone that only seem to ever apply to whatever group whose political support is not currently needed. 

Enough with the legislative farce where the House passes bill after bill after bill, none of which are given a vote in the Senate but Democrats rail against the Republicans for obstruction. 

Enough with using the IRS as a political weapon. 

Enough with the spinning of overseas events (and actually jailing people) to get past an election. 

Enough with "passing laws to see what's in them" only to delay the implementation to the other side of the election when your opponents will hopefully be blamed for the disaster. 

I am sure I have left out about twenty things that also need to stop.

No, I don't think Obama should be impeached.  Not because he hasn't done anything impeachable.  He may have.  But the votes to convict are not there in the Senate, and even if they were, CAN YOU SAY PRESIDENT BIDEN? 

Impeachment is not the answer.  Budget power is.  The Republicans in the House and Senate should grow a pair and shut this government down.

Now.  Right now.

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