Sunday, November 17, 2013

"Grandfather" Them All

Liberals should face up to the fact that they've been had. The LAW OF THE LAND! (tm) that only terrorists and suicide bombers wanted to change six weeks ago, is now in tatters. Why? Because, except for the website, it is functioning precisely as intended. The law's supporters now desparately seek a method of changing that which they so recently said could not be changed. The new campaign slogan for every Republican should be:

If (insert name of Democrat here) likes his seat, I think you should vote to allow him to keep his seat. He should be grandfathered in, the same way he voted to grandfather your your health insurance policy and your doctor. But I don't think he really needs to know that the seat he will be keeping does not exist. The same way he didn't think you needed to know that the policy you were to be "allowed to keep" did not exist.

Don't let any of the arrogant little pissants squirm off the hook. Remember: each and every one of the bastards was the deciding vote in enacting the Big Fucking Deal.

Oh how they cheered! Yay! We did it! One hundred years of liberal dreams are now the law! Everyone will love us (eventually)! Every single one of them either lied or uncritically bought Obama's lie. There are no other possiblities.

And, to top it all off, they then voted to allow regulations, issued pursuant to Obamacare, in which that agency PREDICTED that between one and two thirds of all individual AND EMPLOYER policies would be cancelled.

I can't get the chart showing that estimate to load onto Blogger. It is here.

Again, every Democrat in the Senate and the House voted in favor of allowing those regulations with that estimate. Every. Single. One.

None of them, not one, deserves to retain their position. They are either too stupid or too mendacious. Either of those should disqualify them for office. We should send all of them home as soon as possible. It's the only possible "fix".

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