Friday, March 30, 2012

Really, Ms. Noonan?

Peggy Noonan's editorial in today's Wall Street Journal has drawn some well deserved ridicule. Noonan, recall, was an Obama booster from day one and has continued long past his sell-by date.

Martini Boy is nonplussed by the fact that Noonan thinks its news that Obama is increasingly viewed as a partisan "operator who’s not operating in good faith. This is hardening positions and leading to increased political bitterness. And it’s his fault..."

Over at Hot Air, Allahpundit agrees with her that not even his supporters will mourn the end of his presidency. My take is that, if his supporters don't mind the end of the Obama administration, it will only be because they get to complain about how the mean Republicans are screwing up the country for at least 4 years. If the nation's experience with Obama has taught us anything, it is that Democrats are better at complaining than at governing.

To me, though, the biggest howler in today's editorial is this:

As a former president he'd be quiet, detached, aloof. He'd make speeches and write a memoir laced with a certain high-toned bitterness.
Quiet? Aloof? Why should we believe that, Ms. Noonan? Because of your stellar track record in predicting Obama's performance? Face it. You drank the Kool Aid ("He has within him the possibility to change the direction and tone of American foreign policy... [C]onservatives must honor prudence, and ask if the circumstances accompanying an Obama victory will encourage the helpful moderation and nonpartisan spirit these [Republican] supporters attempt, in their endorsements, to demonstrate.").

Oops. Now you're looking for an easy out by predicting that Obama will both lose and fade away immediately.

I don't think so. He is a prodigious fund raiser and will be a force in the Democratic Party for decades to come. I also think the man's ego is so large that he will be Jimmy Carter writ large for the next 40 years.

You remember Carter, don't you, Ms. Noonan? He's is the guy who went abroad (with zero authority) and tried to box the Clinton administration into a deal with North Korea, who certifies blatantly rigged elections as free and fair, etc, etc, etc.

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