Saturday, April 16, 2011

And What, Exactly, Were They Going to Use to Stop the Russians?

NATO is running short of some munitions in Libya.

European arsenals of laser-guided bombs, the NATO weapon of choice in the Libyan campaign, have been quickly depleted, officials said. Although the United States has significant stockpiles, its munitions do not fit on the British- and French-made planes that have flown the bulk of the missions.

WTF? The alliance that we have been supporting for 65 years can't use our munitions? 65 years worth of Air Force generals on both sides of the Atlantic could not figure out that it might be a good idea to allow planes flying missions against ground forces to use bombs from the place that has been the primary source of the alliance's munitions since day one? And this mystery remained unsolved even after Europe, for all practical intents and purposes, stopped spending money on its own defense?

Has NATO become a joke? If so, when did that happen and what should we do about it? Are the Russians kicking themselves for not taking Western Europe in the 90s?

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