Wednesday, June 2, 2010

How do you say "Chutzpah" in Farsi?

From Hot Air comes a link to an AFP story in which the Iranian foreign minister is quoted as saying "We think this is an example of the intolerance that exists in Europe" regarding Muslims. What set him off? France and Belgium acting to ban the burqa, the head to toe covering that women are supposed to wear in public to maintain their modesty.

Intolerance. The man is complaining about intolerance.

I have a couple of questions. Not many. Just a couple.

Remind me again what happens to gays in the oh-so-tolerant Islamic Republic. What was that? You say public floggings? Executions?

And how are people who convert from Islam to any other faith treated there? Execution for apostasy?

Is there a Guiness record for chutzpah?

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